Visiting the Oregon Coast

oregon coast

Ah, the magical land of Oregon. Each time I’ve gone there I leave behind more pieces of my heart. This summer we went on a family road trip to the Oregon coast, and introduced the Beast to the land where he was conceived (our first trip to Portland was in September 2013 and nine months later out came our little Beast).

cannon beach oregon

The Oregon coast was AMAZING. We rented a beach house in Manzanita, which is just south of Cannon Beach. Manzanita is a tiny, sleepy beach town and much less busier than the better known Cannon Beach. It was perfect. If we go back again I would choose Manzanita again in a heartbeat.

manzanita oregon

We spent four nights in Manzanita with my parents. Because we had childcare taken care of by my folks, the Dude and I got to actually enjoy ourselves. We rode bikes on the beach, went hiking, and enjoyed a peaceful dinner at a local restaurant. The other benefit of having my parents with us was that my mom cooked for us. She spoiled us with yummy Korean food.

tillamook cheese factory

Visiting the Tillamook Cheese factory was a highlight of our trip. We toured the factory and learned how they make their tasty cheese. This place is worth visiting just to watch the assembly line. It was downright mesmerizing. The Beast’s favourite part was sitting in the Loaf Love Tour van, which he did not want to leave so we had to pry him out of there. He also indulged in lots of cheese, of course, being the cheese fiend that he is!

modo car oregon coast

We borrowed a Modo car for our trip since we don’t own a vehicle. To my surprise, it was about the same price as renting from a car rental agency so we went with Modo because it’s way less of a hassle. No car rental agency BS to deal with whatsoever.

Visiting Oregon never disappoints. Manzanita provided the right pace (slow) and environment (stunningly beautiful) that allowed us to relax and take it easy. I truly felt rejuvenated by this trip, mainly thanks to my parents who were with us to help out with the Beast. Otherwise, vacationing with a toddler simply becomes parenting in a less convenient place. When you have a toddler, every little bit of help you can get really makes a difference.

I’m already daydreaming about our next trip to Manzanita…

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