Painting the New Apartment

Yes, we moved. Again. Since the Dude and I got married five years ago, we have moved five times. Anyway, I think this time we found a real winner, and we don’t want to move for a long, long time. We absolutely love our new place. It has everything we wanted: insuite laundry, dishwasher, open concept kitchen, a huge balcony, and a second bedroom. The only trade-off we had to make was the view. We have a lovely view of the alley.

The first thing I did was paint the bedrooms. The photos below were taken with my phone, hence the crappyness.

The master bedroom got a black accent wall. I absolutely love it (the Dude likes it too). The rest of the walls are a crisp, bright white. Originally, the bedroom had sad, beige walls. I found it really depressing. I’ve tried to live with beige before, and I absolutely hated it.

The second bedroom originally had light blue walls, and I painted them white (same paint used in the master bedroom). The white paint I used is called “Snowy Pine” by Behr. It’s a really nice white that has no blue or grey undertone, and it doesn’t feel sterile. Rather, it feels clean and serene.

We are still in the process of furnishing the apartment. As things come together, I will post photos. We feel really fortunate finally to live in a quality apartment after living in less-than-ideal ones for so long.

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