Once You Go Black…

So my obsession with black continues. For ages I’ve been wanting to paint these baskets some other colour so that they would contrast from the wooden floor and the wooden shelf. There was just too much wood going on in that part of our living room, and it was irking me to no end. Not surprisingly, I chose to paint them black because I’m still obsessed with black paint.



See? A simple paint job makes a world of a difference! I also like that the baskets match the black floor lamp.


I first tried using regular paint but it wasn’t going on to the basket evenly. So I switched to spray paint and it was much better. First I did a coat of primer spray paint as the photo above shows. Then I did a couple coats of chalkboard spray paint. Chalkboard paint gives a nice matte finish.


The baskets are from IKEA. I just discovered that these baskets now come in black, but when I purchased them a few years ago there was only one colour option. I have another small thing in our apartment that I’m planning to give a black paint makeover. Can’t wait!


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