Living with Environmental Sensitivities

Since my last blog post, the Dude and I have been trying to figure what’s in our apartment that’s causing me headaches. It’s been a very stressful and frustrating effort because we still haven’t been able to resolve this issue. At first we thought it was the new oven we got but after various tests it turns out the oven is not the source of the problem.

All I’ve been able to figure out is that there’s a faint perfume-y smell in our place and that’s what’s probably causing the headaches. I’ve been intolerant of perfume and scented products since 2008. They trigger headaches and make me feel very fatigued. After doing some research it seems that the condition I have is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

The way I’ve been coping is by getting out of the apartment as much I can. I use a product called Peppermint Halo that I find soothing when I dab it around my head although it doesn’t get rid of the headache. I also got a respirator mask from the hardware store out of desperation to see if it would help and it actually does! I was surprised that it filters out the odour that’s causing me headaches. But it’s really uncomfortable to wear. We’re probably also going to buy a really expensive air purifier that absorbs volatile organic compounds in the air. It makes me sad that I need all these things in order not to feel sick in my own home.¬†And it’s very discouraging that I can’t seem to figure out the source of the troublesome fragrance in our apartment.

MCS has been a serious blow to my productivity. Since I work out of my home it’s been extremely frustrating not being able to get as much work done. However, I did manage to do a shop makeover that was long overdue. I took new photos of most of the products. Please check it out!

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