My Favorite Instant Pot Recipes

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I’ve had the Instant Pot for a little over a year now, and it has revolutionized the way I cook. I call it the Magic Pot. It reinvigorated my interest in cooking, and I barely use the stove to cook anything anymore.

I use the IP several times a week. Hard-boiled eggs and steamed vegetables are a couple things I make in the IP on a regular basis. Steamed veggies taste so much better when cooked in the IP. My toddler can’t get enough of steamed broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower. I even converted my favorite recipes so that I can cook them in the Instant Pot.

The other thing I love to make in the IP is steel cut oats for breakfast. It is so quick to make. I used to cook steel cut oats the night before, let it sit overnight, and cook some more the next morning. Now, the whole ordeal takes less than 30 minutes in the IP, and I don’t have to babysit it while it cooks.

instant pot penne al burro recipe

Since I’m able to cook big batches of food in the IP during the weekend, we have enough leftovers to take as lunch during the week. So the IP has actually saved us money.

The best thing about the Instant Pot is that it has made cooking less stressful. I can just dump all the ingredients into it and walk away. No standing over the stove, stirring, and keeping an eye on the food.

If you haven’t already jumped on the Instant Pot train, what are you waiting for? This kitchen appliance has saved me so much time and reduced the stress of cooking. I cannot recommend it enough.

Here are my favorite Instant Pot recipes so far:

•  Beef Stew
•  Kalua Pork
•  Chicken Congee
•  Salsa Verde Shredded Chicken
•  Roast Potatoes

Check out my Pinterest board of IP recipes for more recipe recommendations.

Here’s a super easy penne al burro recipe, which I’ve adapted from a recipe I already had. It’s basically the easiest mac n cheese you’ll ever make.

instant pot penne al burro recipe

1 lb. penne rigate
2 tsp kosher salt
4 cups water
4 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 Tbsp cream cheese (optional)
½ to 1 cup freshly grated Parmiggiano Reggiano

Place the the penne and salt in the IP and pour in the 4 cups of water. Make sure all the pasta is under water by patting the noodles down with a cooking utensil.

Cook on Manual for 4 minutes. Release pressure using the Quick Release method.

Leave the pasta water in the pot, and add all the butter into the pot. Add the cream cheese if you have it. Stir until butter (and cream cheese) has melted. Then add the Parmiggiano Reggiano. Start with ½ cup and add more to taste. Stir until the cheese has melted.

Serve and enjoy!

favorite instant pot recipes

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