Fabric Wall Hanging

What I really call this wall hanging is the “Poop Shield.” I made it specifically to go by the baby’s changing station so that when he pees or poops during a diaper change, the wall will be protected. Frankly, I did this project as an excuse to do more fabric painting because I really enjoyed the first time I did it with the cushions.

If you can sew in a straight line then you can easily do this project; all you need to do is hem the edges. Again, I used a piece of canvas dropcloth like I did with the cushions (I have tons of this material!) and used a dowel to hang it up. The cross pattern was inspired by this DIY project I saw on Pinterest.

Supposedly, infants like to look at high contrast objects so hopefully our kiddo will be entranced by this wall hanging whenever he gets his diaper changed.


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