Everyday Makeup Using Drugstore Products

When it comes to makeup I’m a no fuss, no muss kind of gal. I spend maybe 5 minutes applying makeup in the morning. And I use mostly drugstore makeup products because it’s cheap and it gets the job done. When I was younger I used to splurge on the expensive stuff, but when I tried drugstore brands I was impressed with the quality and called it “good enough.” Why pay more?

These are the drugstore products I use every day as part of my makeup routine.

everyday drugstore makeup favorites

1. L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup
This foundation has SPF protection and that’s why I got it. I use a kabuki brush to apply it, which is my favorite way to apply foundation. From time to time I’ll use my fingers if the brush isn’t available, and it works just fine. This foundation is pretty sheer, which I like. I don’t want to look like I caked on fondant on my face. It’s just enough coverage to even out my skin tone. Plus, it’s moisturizing, which is great during winter when my face becomes parched as a desert wasteland.

2. L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder
I used MAC Blot Powder for years, and I recently switched to this. Easier on the wallet and works just fine.

3. Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quads
I use Chai Latte – a neutral palette that works well for everyday eye makeup.

4. NYX Cosmetics Slide On Pencil
This is a creamy eyeliner pencil that glides on smooth. It’s so easy to use! If you have oily eyelids (like I do) you may need to touch up later in the day (but I don’t bother). I use the shade Jet Black.

5. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Shimmer
On the days I don’t go for the lip-liner-as-lipstick shtick I use this tinted lip balm. I like the shade Rhubarb. This is a moisturizing lip balm with good pigmentation. Doesn’t make your lips too shiny.

6. NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil
I just recently discovered that you can use lip liner as lipstick not just as lip liner. Who knew? Apparently it’s how the young kids to do it. It will give your lips a very matte look so you may want to touch it up with some lip gloss or lip balm. I find using a lip liner as lipstick way easier to apply than lipstick. With lip liner you can define and color your lips all in one go and be very precise about it. Efficient! Love it!

If I go for mascara I use Innisfree skinny mascara which I order from Amazon. Works fine. But I may switch to a NYX, L’Oreal, or CoverGirl brand in the future.

If you’d rather use a tinted moisturizer (and skip foundation) I highly recommend Boots No7 Dual Action Tinted Moisturiser. I’ve been using it for years. I recently stopped using it because I switched to an oil-free moisturizer with higher SPF (the onset of wrinkles at my age is REAL, and I needed to take action). But I still occasionally use it if I’m in a hurry and can’t bother to do the moisturizer-then-foundation routine. I just mix the tinted moisturizer with a bit of foundation, apply to my face using my fingers, and I’m good to go!

Have you ever watched makeup tutorials online? Once I start I can’t stop watching them! I just keep watching one after another. They are so addictive. It’s mesmerizing to watch makeup artists transform their faces, and they make it look so effortless.

These are a couple of my favorite makeup tutorials on Youtube:

If you want to learn how to apply foundation, check out this tutorial by Jaclyn Hill.

Doing eye makeup can be especially challenging for Asian women. I watched tons of eye makeup tutorials for monolid eyes. I like this one by Jen Chae, and her other eye makeup tutorials for Asian eyes are also good. Seriously, I can watch her channel forever.

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