Paint Dipped Party Forks

Over the summer I organized a little get-together, and on a whim I decided to make some festive forks for it. Whenever I can I try to add DIY elements to a party. It’s the little details, people!

This is an instant gratification DIY project – my favourite kind, given that my free time is very limited nowadays. I noticed a couple years ago that paint dipped home accessories and furniture were all the rage. I don’t know if this trend is still going strong, but I thought it would be cute to have paint dipped forks.


Wooden forks (I picked up some bamboo forks fromĀ Ming Wo, a kitchen supply store in Vancouver. )
Acrylic paint
Painter’s tape


Get your forks ready and wrap a piece of tape around each one, somewhere around the middle of the handle like in the picture below.


Paint the area above the tape to the end of the handle.


I just used some acrylic paint I had on hand. One was a gold metallic paint and the other white. I found that the gold paint didn’t provide enough contrast. After the first coat of paint I let them dry for a about 10 minutes. Then I applied a second coat of paint.


Let the forks dry, making sure the paint doesn’t smear. If I were more ambitious I would have painted a clear varnish to protect the paint, but I didn’t really care to since I knew these forks would be tossed out after a few uses.

Make sure to clean the forks before using them for eating. I was careful when washing the forks so as to not damage the paint.


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