10 pieces 10 outfits 10 days

Last month I joined the winter 10×10 challenge. The basic idea was to choose 10 items of clothing, including shoes, and make 10 different outfits from them over 10 days. I thought it would be a fun challenge and I would learn something from it. And both turned out to be true.

I already follow the capsule method for my wardrobe so I thought it would be interesting to be limited to an even smaller capsule.

capsule wardrobe

Here’s what I chose for my 10 pieces:

—4 tops

—1 cardigan

—3 pairs of pants

—2 pairs of shoes

I was free to choose whatever outerwear and accessories I fancied. And yes, most of the pieces I chose were black so it made it easy to create various outfits. Everything basically went well together. So getting dressed in the mornings was a breeze. I took a photo each day to document the outfits I created. And let me tell ya, taking selfies was the most painful part of this experiment.

10 day capsule wardrobe

Here are 5 things I learned by doing the 10×10 challenge:

  1. I hate taking selfies. Absolutely hate it.
  2. I’ve always been curious to see what it would be like to dress in all black all the time. Well, it turns out I don’t like it too much. I realized that I need to wear something of a lighter hue now and then.
  3. Because I got sick of wearing all black after a few days, it forced me to try styling my outfits to introduce some novelty. So for the first time in years I tucked in my shirts. I tried half tucks and full tucks. It’s a bit of a pain to tuck in my shirts every time after going to the bathroom but it only takes a few extra seconds to do it.
  4. No one noticed I was wearing the same 10 pieces of clothing for 10 days.
  5. Since I got by just fine with 10 items I learned that I really don’t need as much clothes as I think I do.

So this experiment gave me some clarity about how I want to shop for my wardrobe going forward. Since I don’t need as much clothes, I will fork out the money for high quality, ethical brands. Spending more on well-made, ethically-made clothes will mean I buy less, which will help me in my quest to live a minimalist life. Plus, I’ll have a more clear conscience when I do buy from independent brands that focus on ethical production.

I believe in the long run this will actually help me save money as I won’t be buying clothes mindlessly just because they are on sale or it’s a “good deal.” If I carefully consider my purchases, I will most likely end up feeling more content with my wardrobe.

Why Clogs May Possibly Be the Perfect Shoes

sven halter top clogs

The summer of 2016 will be known as the summer when my love affair with clogs began. I am obsessed with clogs at the moment. Even though I already bought two pairs, there are at least four more I want to get. I’m so head over heels in love with clogs that they’re the only shoes I want to wear year-round.

Why do I love clogs? Because they are damn comfortable, and the ones they make these days pack a great deal of style. Now that I’m the mother of a small child, comfort is something I will not compromise on when it comes to shoes. Chasing after a rambunctious two-year-old requires shoes that provide good support and won’t destroy your feet. Clogs meet these requirements perfectly. And, to boot, there are many stylish clogs out there that will make you look fabulous while you run after your little tazmanian devil of a toddler.

Moreover, since I don’t own a vehicle I walk A LOT, and that requires I wear comfortable shoes. To some that may mean resorting to sneakers. Although sneakers are comfortable, I don’t think they are appropriate footwear for my workplace. Plus, they don’t go well with my work outfits anyway.

Enter clogs.

They are the perfect shoes to wear both for work and for walking. Walking in clogs all day actually doesn’t feel too bad. It did take a couple days adjusting to the wooden base but my feet quickly got used to them. I had no idea that a wooden sole could be comfortable.

I also find standing in clogs much easier. The clogs I wear have a medium heel, and I noticed that I can work at my standing desk much longer with clogs than with flat shoes. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing heels at all because the wooden base provides great back support. My physiotherapist even noticed that my posture looked better when I wore my clogs.

These days I’m seeing clogs more and more on the interwebs, and it looks like they are making a comeback (or maybe they already did and I missed the memo?). I’m not at all surprised that they are trending again because many of them are beautifully designed. If you were like me and used to think clogs looked dowdy, a few minutes of online browsing will show you otherwise. Clogs have undergone a fashionable makeover. And that is great news for those of us looking for stylish shoes that don’t compromise on comfort.

If you’re thinking of getting clogs I recommend buying handcrafted ones. My favourite clog company is Sven, and their clogs are all made by hand in the United States. Handcrafted clogs are pricier, but the awesome quality you get in return is worth it. They may quite possibly last you forever.

best clogs

1. Toms Beatrix Clog Sandals Made in China

2. Sweedish Hasbeens T-strap Sky High Made in various countries other than Sweden (according to my research)

3. Sven Tawny Halter Top Clogs Made in USA

4. Sweedish Hasbeens Jodpuhr clog boots (see #2)

5. Cape Clogs Herringbone Green Made in Sweden