A Simple Two-Step Method For Creating a Wardrobe You’ll Love

konmari capsule wardrobe

I’ve been unsatisfied with the state of my wardrobe since I can remember. Every morning I stare into my closet and think, I have nothing wear, even though it’s filled with clothes. I always felt underwhelmed by my wardrobe. Why do I wear the same ten things over and over again? Why do I hold on to clothes that I barely wear anymore?

But finally, this summer, I decided to do something about it. I learned about an effective way of purging unwanted stuff and creating a wardrobe I’ll love. Armed with my new knowledge, I tackled my closet head on, and the result is a curated collection of clothes I am genuinely happy to wear.

Step 1: Purge All the Clothes You Don’t Love

Decluttering seems all the rage these days. Everyone is talking about Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. After recently reading it for my book club, I felt motivated to go for it and apply the KonMari method to my wardrobe. As Kondo prescribes, I held in my hands, one by one, every item of clothing I owned and asked myself, Does it spark joy? (Yes, really).

konmari capsule wardrobe

KonMari’ng my wardrobe took a few hours, and the photo above shows the fruit of my purging mission. It turned out I owned 70 tops, and 35 of them were culled for the donation bin. Out of the 24 bottoms I owned, 9 failed the “Does it spark joy?” test. At least 6 pairs of shoes and more than half my socks were banished into the discard pile. After the whole procedure, I was thrilled to be done. I nearly felt intoxicated with giddiness. My wardrobe now only consisted of pieces I love. I had finally whipped my wardrobe into shape!

Now when I open my sock drawer and see all my favourite pairs at once, I beam with pride. Who knew a tidy sock drawer could bring about such euphoria?

Step 2: Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is an awesome way to curate a seasonal collection of clothes that you are content to wear for a discrete period of time. So I created a capsule of 35 pieces that includes tops, bottoms, jackets, and shoes that I would wear from July to the end of September. This does not include workout clothes, sleepwear, and loungewear. I created my capsule entirely out of what I already owned except for a new pair of sandals. The clothes that didn’t it make into this season’s capsule were stored away and will be considered for the next capsule.

The capsule method is a good way to prevent mindless shopping because it forces you to be very intentional about what you add to your wardrobe. I’m really hoping that going with the capsule method will help me stick to my annual clothing budget. I plan to buy only high quality pieces that I will keep long-term and adheres to my personal style. The end result will be a cohesive wardrobe in which every item of clothing will complement one another.

The other great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it saves you time when getting dressed. Because I love every piece of garment in my capsule, putting together an outfit for the day is easy-peasy. So in addition to saving you money, having a minimalist wardrobe will save you time and make getting dressed for the day much less stressful. I’ve been living with my capsule wardrobe for a month now, and I absolutely love it. There is no going back.

I am so pleased with how my wardrobe turned out that I’m looking forward to KonMari’ng the rest of our apartment. I no longer feel burdened by the clothes I own, and it’s a great feeling! After reading Kondo’s book I think I finally found a clear, concrete method for decluttering and achieving the minimalist lifestyle that I aspired to but always seemed elusive.

Have you tried the KonMari method or creating a capsule wardrobe? What has your experience been like?

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