Blog Revival

I’ve been a very delinquent blogger, which makes me sad because I really enjoy blogging. Simply, there’s a lot on my plate these days, and I’m struggling to fulfill all my responsibilities and obligations. But I want to make an honest effort to blog more regularly in spite of my hectic schedule.

Life is moving really fast I realize and the days are a blur. Hence, I want to take a moment each week to pause and reflect on the highlights of the past week so that life doesn’t just pass me by into oblivion. Every Friday I will attempt to blog about interesting tidbits from my week as a kind of diary so that I can come back to this in the future to remember what was going in my life. I don’t have a pithy title for this weekly blog post yet, but whatevers. Let’s just begin!

  • For the Dude’s birthday we went to Suika for dinner. It’s a Japanese tapas restaurant and it did not disappoint. Will definitely go again, especially since it’s walking distance from our place!
  • I have fallen for the hammam towel trend (see photo above). After humming and hawing for months, I finally ordered a couple towels from Turkey. Cannot wait to get them!
  • Discovered the awesomeness that is Moqups. Great tool for web developers and designers who want to create a quick website mockup for their clients.

Happy weekend!

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