Beast T-shirt Design

beast t-shirt

We have many nicknames for our boy. Beelzebub, Animal, Cabezón, Chabón, and Beast among others. These nicknames are very telling of what kind of personality he has, eh? We call him Beast the most (because he acts like one all the time), so that inspired me to design a t-shirt featuring the word Beast as it describes him perfectly. I whipped up something simple on Adoble Illustrator, and fortunately, I knew of a local company who could print the shirts for me. One of the many new moms I met during my maternity leave happens to operate a screenprinting shop in Vancouver. I contacted Diana, and she was willing to print a small batch of t-shirts for me. She was also kind enough to show me around her shop Artee Screenprinting & Embroidery, which is in the Mount Pleasant area. I’ve always been intrigued by screenprinting but never saw how it was done. Touring Artee finally satisfied my curiosity.

Artee screenprint shop and embroidery

I was surprised by how screenprinting is still very much a hands-on technique. Someone has to lay the t-shirt down and then apply the ink manually (as shown above left). Then the shirt goes through a dryer to set the ink. The photo above shows the Beast t-shirt coming out of the dryer.

It was a lot of fun to design this t-shirt from concept to production. If I could, I would design t-shirts all day!

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