Ace Hotel Palm Springs Memento

I’ve been wanting to frame the Ace Hotel key card for ages and finally got around to it recently. I haven’t added a new decorative item to our apartment in a while so it was exciting to toss in something new finally. Now I have a daily reminder of the good times we had at the Ace and to get my ass over there the first opportunity I get.

If you hang out with me long enough, you will quickly learn how much I love Palm Springs, especially the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It’s actually quite ironic how much I love Palm Springs because as a kid I used to hate going there with my parents. I thought it was sooooooo boring. Now I sometimes seriously consider moving there! I doubt I’ll move there any time soon but I would seriously consider retiring there.

I think living in Vancouver has made me love Palm Springs. I always daydream about escaping the dreary Vancouver rain for the sun-infused, toasty climes of Palm Springs. I also wonder if a large part of the reason I adore Palm Springs has to do with staying at the Ace. If the Dude and I went to Palm Springs and didn’t stay at the Ace I think we would have a very different experience.

Speaking of the Ace, we visited the Ace Hotel in Portland recently. We didn’t stay there during our visit but next time hopefully we will. My goal is to stay at all the Ace Hotels. Photos from our Portland trip will be on the next blog post!

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