2nd Edition of My Weekly Survey

It has been a rather quiet week since my last blog post. Just busy with the usual. Because I’m taking a class on Sundays it really hampers my ability to do fun or interesting activities during the weekend. But these are a few highlights:

  • Started going to a yoga studio again. I’d been doing yoga videos at home, and doing it with other people in a studio is just different. I get into it more. And I like the variety.
  • Had some friends over and got to play my favourite party game ever: Things. I love this game because it makes me laugh so much.
  • Saw the Tobias Wong exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver for the second time. It’s a fantastic retrospective on his career. Wong was notorious for blurring the line between art and design. His work is irreverent and humorous, but also provocative. If you live in or near Vancouver, do not fail to check out this show!

Happy weekend!

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